Cute and quirky stationery

Cute and quirky stationery

Journals, notelets, sticky notes, etc...

Pictured are a selection of out best sellers from Chronicle Books. Of course we have tons more in store!

"Somewhat stationary cats"16 sheets of assorted writing paper, envelopes and stickers with a retro feel. Should fulfill all your feline correspondence needs for only £7.00!

Animal Journal by Junzo Terada £7.00. Substantial size with a funky, colourful animal design on every page. Appeals to all ages.

"The Cutest Sneeze In The World" contains 30 different postcards by the incredibly observant illustrator, Jeffrey Brown. (£7.00) We also sell his two books "Cat Getting Out of a Bag" and "Cats Are Weird " £8.99 each and very witty indeed!

The "Mini Goals Notebook" is a must for all procrastinators. 100 pages of quirky fill-in to-do lists. Lots of different designs including "After coffee I will.......", "I've always wanted to......why not today?" , "Today I will kick ass & take names" and "Tomorrow I don't have to.....cause it's done! At £7.00 it is very good value if it makes someone get some stuff done!

  • The Cutest Sneeze In The World
  • The Mini Goals Notebook


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